Feeling Fatigued? You May Want to Consider IV Therapy

The fall and winter holiday season is upon us, and with all the extra things on your plate and the added time spent with family and friends, it’s natural to feel more tired than usual. Fortunately, there’s a safe and effective treatment that can help: intravenous (IV) therapy.

At Peak Physical Medicine, in Visalia, California, we’ve successfully used IV therapy to help patients boost their immunity, improve damage to their skin and muscles; step up their performance on the field, in the bedroom, and at work; blast toxins; and aid with weight loss.

We also know how helpful IV therapy can be when you’re feeling fatigued. Here’s a closer look at how IV therapy can help give you the added energy you need at this time of year.

Understanding fatigue

Occasionally, everyone feels a little sleepier than usual. But fatigue describes the feeling associated with mental and physical tiredness and a lack of energy. Fatigue goes deeper than feeling a bit drowsy. When you’re experiencing fatigue, you may feel like you have no energy and no motivation to get through your day.

You can experience fatigue for a number of reasons. It’s possible to have an underlying mental or physical health condition that triggers fatigue. There are many conditions associated with fatigue, and some of the most common include depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, COPD, anemia, and a sleeping disorder.

But fatigue can also stem from different lifestyle factors, which can drain your body of the energy it needs to function well throughout the day. Some of the most common lifestyle factors that can result in fatigue include:

  • Not eating a nutrient-rich diet or over-indulging in unhealthy foods
  • Drinking or eating too much caffeine
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Being stressed
  • Not exercising enough or exercising too much
  • Using recreational or illegal drugs
  • Being obese or overweight

You can also experience fatigue if you haven’t been getting enough sleep.

How IV therapy can help

If you’re experiencing fatigue, IV therapy can help boost your energy and get you back on your feet again. The secret to the success of IV therapy lies in the delivery system.

Drinking water, oral vitamins, minerals, and supplements first enter your digestive system before hitting your bloodstream. Part of them are lost to the digestive process, and by the time they start circulating through your body, you receive a lesser amount.

IV therapy, on the other hand, gives you the full effect of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and hydration elements immediately by bypassing the digestive tract and injecting them right into your bloodstream.

When you’re feeling fatigued, the vitamins and minerals in an IV wellness cocktail enhance your energy levels and fight fatigue to give your body the healthy boost it needs. The added hydration and essential nutrients also help you recover faster after physical exertion, so you can stay on your feet longer.

You’ve also probably noticed the signs of fatigue in the state of your skin. The good news is that IV therapies include antioxidants, which help fight free radicals to reduce inflammation and damage to your cells — including those found in your skin. As a result, you’ll notice your skin looks healthier after your IV therapy injection.

Ready to stop feeling fatigued and reclaim your energy this holiday season? Call to schedule an appointment at Peak Physical Medicine in Visalia, California, today, or book an appointment online now.

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