Ditch the Drugs: Learn About Our Natural Headache and Migraine Remedies

Are you tired of popping pain pills to try to deal with headache or migraine pain? At Peak Physical Medicine in Visalia, California, we have good news. You don’t have to take medication to say goodbye to headaches and migraines!

Our care team specializes in finding effective solutions to your pain so that you can ditch the drugs and treat your headaches or migraines the natural way. We help you discover the underlying cause of your condition and learn how to watch for triggers.

Read on to learn more about what’s causing your pain and our natural headache and migraine remedies!

What are headaches?

Generally speaking, headaches are the pains in your head that cause aching, throbbing, stabbing sensations, or a feeling of pressure. Headache pain can range from mild to severe, and it typically occurs on both sides of your head. Headaches can last for only a few minutes, or they can hang around for a week or more.

Although everyone experiences a headache at least once in their lifetime, not everyone experiences the same type of headache. Many different types of headaches exist, and a variety of things can trigger a headache in different people.

Some of the most common types of headaches we treat at Peak Physical Medicine include:

  • Tension headaches — headaches caused by stress, strain, or anxiety
  • Cluster headaches — headaches that you usually feel on one side and come in clusters
  • Chiari headaches — headaches caused by a birth defect
  • Sinus headaches — headaches caused by sinus infections or sinus pressure

How are migraines different from headaches?

Migraines are frequently thought of a severe headache. In reality, the headache phase is only one symptom of migraines. There are four phases of a migraine, but not everyone experiences each phase. The four phases are:

  • Premonitory, or prodrome, phase: Takes place before the migraine headache starts and usually includes non-painful symptoms (e.g., food cravings/reactions; sensory sensitivity; mood changes; digestive symptoms) that are a warning that a migraine headache may start
  • Aura phase: Takes place during or before the migraine headache and includes sensory disturbances (e.g., problems speaking; seeing flashing lights or zig-zag lines; numbness or tingling)
  • Headache phase: During the headache phase, pain can range from mild throbbing to severe and may require medical treatment; pain usually worsens with movement, light, sound, or smell
  • Postdrome phase: Takes place after the headache phase and includes fatigue, confusion, or feelings of general malaise and can last a few hours or for days

Migraines often begin for people in childhood, adolescence or early adulthood, but they can develop at any age. If you’re suffering from migraines, it can be helpful to keep a log to mark each phase and catch any triggers.

What natural headache and migraine remedies are there?

Before beginning treatment of any kind, it’s important to be sure you have an accurate diagnosis of your headache type. The type of headache or migraine you experience may direct our treatment recommendations.

At Peak Physical Medicine, Ruben Garcia, DC, helps patients determine the cause of their headaches or migraines and offers the best options for effective, drug-free relief. The right modalities for you depend on the factors that trigger your pain. Some of the most effective drug-free treatment options include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Dietary changes
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Posture management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress management
  • Behavioral therapy

Our team specializes in treating the underlying causes of your headache and migraine pain so that you can learn to identify triggers. Once you know what sets off the pain in your head, we work with you to create a customized plan to eliminate or minimize the occurrence of headaches or migraines.

How can I learn more about drug-free treatment?

If you’re suffering frequent headaches or migraine pain, you don’t have to suffer alone. The experienced team at Peak Physical Medicine is ready to help. We take time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, ensuring you get the treatment that’s right for you — including drug-free alternatives for headache and migraine pain.

Don’t wait to get help dealing with headaches or migraines. Contact Peak Physical Medicine today, or request an appointment online now and start living pain-free!

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