Everything You Should Know About Functional Medicine

Tired of being treated like a number and not a person when it comes to your medical care? It’s time to partner with a provider with a holistic approach to care. At Peak Physical Medicine, we’re excited to offer the men and women of Visalia, California, the best in health care with integrated functional medicine.  

Not sure what functional medicine involves? We’ve got you covered! Check out everything you need to know about functional medicine here.

Functional medicine vs. conventional medicine

Unlike the conventional approach most US doctors take, which involves evaluating individual parts or systems to manage or suppress your symptoms, functional medicine finds and treats the underlying cause of whatever is making you unwell. 

Functional medicine does this by using an integrative approach, taking into account the entire person instead of the affected part and looking beyond your physical symptoms. At Peak Physical Medicine, we consider how your body, mind, and environment impact your overall wellbeing.  

By caring for your whole person, not just your condition, functional medicine at Peak Physical Medicine offers you a more comprehensive approach to health care.

Science-based and patient-centered care

Our practice uses science and biology to get to the root cause of your symptoms, disease, or medical condition. This integrative approach to care offers a comprehensive and effective way to manage your health, evaluating anything that affects your wellbeing, including psycho-emotional and environmental factors. 

And because our functional medicine approach utilizes a patient-centric focus, your wellness plan is customized specifically for your needs. Treatment options at Peak Physical Medicine may include both Western and alternative therapies to give you the most effective care possible, including treatment and prevention of conditions like: 

Functional medicine also uncovers problems that lead to chronic health conditions, such as issues with nutrition, dietary allergies and intolerances, problems with hormones, and toxicity issues, so you can take the steps needed to end or reduce their impact on your health. 

A different kind of doctor’s visit

Instead of being rushed through your medical visit, at Peak Physical Medicine we take our time to get to know and to identify any risk factors or signs of underlying conditions or diseases. We spend time getting to know you, your family and medical history, and we ask you detailed questions about your environment and lifestyle so that we have a holistic picture of your health, including:

You can expect a thorough physical exam, and your provider may order lab work or diagnostic tests to evaluate for things like toxin exposure, food allergies or sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, gastroenterology concerns, and more.  

Learn more about the benefits of functional medicine and whether it’s the right choice for you by contacting Peak Physical Medicine in Visalia, California, or requesting an appointment online today!  

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